Gaedren Lamm


Lamm is a jaundiced and bent corpse of a man, his eyes yellowed and skin speckled from age. His left leg carries a pronounced limp as he shuffles about. Lamm’s old skin can’t stand the chafe of armor, and thus he typically wears only a gray cotton robe. On his rare trips outside, he wears a tattered wide brimmed sun hat to protect his bald head from sunburns.


Gaedren Lamm is a despicable low-life who missed his chance at being somebody big in Korvosa’s murky underworld. Well past his prime, the decrepit thief abducts orphans and forces them to work as pickpockets and thieves to support his despicable lifestyle. Many of Korvosa’s lower class have had dealings with Lamm, and even a few of the city’s middle class and nobility have had their lives complicated by this foul old man. Yet no matter what he does, he always seems to slip away from the guards and avoid answering for his crimes.

Gaedren is well-schooled in the credo, “secrets can kill,” and the miserable cur hasn’t survived to become the stinking old man he is now by letting people get the drop on him. Yet he’s also a proud and bitter man, used to fighting tooth and nail to keep what’s his. In his youth, a more cautious Gaedren would have pulled up roots and fled at the first sign of trouble, abandoning his thugs to their fate. Today’s Gaedren does not take this route — he elects to stay and fight, not out of any loyalty to his men but simply because he’s grown too mean and greedy to give up what he thinks of as his.