Military of Korvosa

Korvosa is protected by three military branches, each charged with protecting the city-state and its people in manners unique to each group.

Korvosan Guard – The primary responsibility of these red clad warriors is to serve Korvosa first, the monarchy second, and the church of Abadar third. They serve as police and defensive military force in times of danger.

Sable Company – These hippogriff mounted warriors answer directly to Korvosa's monarchy, directly handled by the seneschal of Castle Korvosa. Their purpose is to patrol and defend the city's sky and waterways, and have been known to assist the Korvosan Guard as well.

Order of the Nail – The Hellknights of the Order of the Nail pursue an ideal of order and law above all else. They are fanatical about maintaining order in Korvosa, and unerringly pursue and punish lawbreakers.